Here are a few questions to ask when looking for a personal trainer. In New Jersey, personal training is unregulated, so anyone can become a personal trainer.
These are some things that will help you make an informed decision when selecting a personal trainer.

  1. What certification does the trainer have?

  2.  Is the certification accredited by the NCCA
     (National Commission for Certifying Agencies)?

  3. What continuing education does the trainer have?

  4. What kind of secondary, post-high school education
    does the trainer.
    have in an exercise science related field?

  5. Does the trainer have any additional professional licenses
    (i.e.: teaching certification, EMT, paramedic, nursing, PT/OT)?

  6. Is the trainer operating an actual licensed business?

  7. Is the trainer fully insured?

  8. What kind of baseline assessments will the trainer administer prior to starting the program? How will this identify my weaknesses and strengths?

  9. How much experience does the trainer have? Does the trainer have experience with my specific goals and needs?

  10. Does the trainer have references or positive reviews with reputable sites, such as the Better Business Bureau?

  11. Has the trainer reviewed and considered my medical history?

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